Right to die with dignity

Right to die with dignity></a></p>

Green Tribute, an option for ecological funerals.

Funeral directors: work with us

If you would like to be a part of our commitment to the environment and share our responsibility with the ancestral communities, contact us. Your clients too can become part of this innovative project.


How does it work?

By purchasing a Green Tribute Funeral Plan, your ashes will rest in an area of environmental conservation, such as the Amazon jungle or the mangroves of the Colombian Pacific.

From the moment you acquire the Plan, a percentage of the cost goes towards financing environmental conservation and children’s education projects in the places we work.

Why is it important?

A traditional funeral has many negative effects on the environment:

- Cemeteries can cause contamination of underground water with the leachate from bodies or the chemical substances used for embalming.

- Coffins tend to be made from non-biodegradable materials, or materials that take many years to biodegrade.

- The production of some wooden coffins contributes to the indiscriminate felling of forests.

- In Colombia, bodies buried in cemeteries must be exhumed after four years. This process can have strong psychological effects on the family, reopening the wounds of grief.

Green Tribute, on the other hand, offers an environmentally friendly funeral, by promoting cremation.

How trustworthy is it?

Green Tribute guarantees its clients that the relevant percentage of the cost of their funeral plan is being invested in the areas and projects chosen.

How can can I keep track of my investment?

Green Tribute keeps its clients, family and/or friends informed of how the environmental and educational projects are evolving in each region.

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